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The Cloud Story

I hate wearing heels.

I love how they look, but hate how they feel. When I went out wearing my stilettos, I’d pack a travel baby powder bottle for feet refreshment and sweaty-toe absorption to keep me safe from blisters. See the below Before and After photos from my 27th birthday...loved the shoes but they ended up in my hands by the end of the night...(the foot pain outweighed any shame I had left after several vodkas!)


Now in my 30s (where in my 30s I'll never tell!), I find that I avoid the heels in my closet...I avoid the beautiful shoes I spend hard-earned money on! It's makes no sense...they make gorgeous placeholders in my closet but very rarely see the light of day.

Then one evening, I read that celebrities were using CBD lotion as prep for surviving their designer sky-scraping heels during awards season. I tried to imagine Emily Blunt in the bathroom hopping around as she slathered lotion or CBD oil on her feet, slipping them back into her heels, sliding around. There has to be something better…something that can be easily applied, that sinks in to get the full benefit of the ingredients, and that dries quickly so you can get back to the party with soft, moisturized, but dry feet.

Continuously testing (and failing) in my home in the middle of many long nights, I started to play around with several ideas and what started as one product for feet became several products for the face and body. Not willing to settle for low-quality ingredients or use any sort of chemicals or ingredients that are iffy was not easy. It also showed me just how hard it is to come across truly natural and healthy products. Even the ones you think are good contain SLS, PEGs, or other junk. Sigh.

It’s funny because I never cared much before, but suddenly I was looking at the ingredients in every single product I picked up. I’d spot an iffy or downright bad ingredient, even in those labeled "natural", sigh with annoyance, and put it back realizing most people have zero idea what is in their skincare. So I spent countless nights and weekends researching scientific studies to determine which ingredients are 1. Safe and 2. Effective.

Finally, using nanotechnology, we were able to create the perfect formula that works fast and dries quickly leaving a velvety finish. KUSHON made its debut in fall of 2019 and more unique footcare and skincare solutions for women on the move will continue to be released.

While I believe women should take time for selfcare, sometimes we just need quick and easy solutions on the go, aka "swiftcare", and that’s where Cloud steps in.

I also created Faye's Stash: a collection of products I've created in order to address skin concerns I struggle with - I figured that if I struggle with things such as eczema patches and bikini bumps, others do as well! All products in Faye's Stash are limited run and made in small batches. It's a great way to see if there is a demand for these items and offer something new and exciting to our loyal clients. I hope you enjoy Cloud products and please reach out with any thoughts or questions - I love to hear your feedback!