Only a few Halcyon left - grab your glow before they're gone!


With the CBD business booming, Cloud aims to stand apart by using CBD in unique solutions to problems faced by those always on the move. While we think our brand is pretty damn cool, our main goal is to deliver products that:

  1. Actually work. No matter how pretty the labels, if the product doesn’t work well, who cares? Cloud works because we spent a ton of time in development to make sure each product delivers.

  2. Are All-Natural, Non-toxic, and Cruelty-Free. No junk, crap, garbage, or snake oil (I guess snake oil can technically be natural but not sure it’s cruelty-free!) I test everything on me. And I have super sensitive skin. If I get irritated, it goes in the trash (because even natural products can trigger sensitive skin!)

  3. Uses 3rd party tested, carefully sourced CBD and certified labs (see below)

We aim to be completely transparent. Have a question about a product or ingredient, just reach out!


COA’s and 3rd Party Testing

All of our lab reports can be found here. More will be added as new batches and products are created.


PS. KUSHON uses nanotechnology to create a water-soluble CBD that achieves a higher bioavailability of at least 5 times faster onset (aka 5x faster acting) than traditional CBD oils.

SCOUT: For the Coconut Oil CBD used in SCOUT, we use 1.15g for 100mg of CBD per jar

HALCYON: For the Argan Oil used in HALCYON, we use 0.55g for 100mg CBD per bottle as it was made to be very potent.

If you have any questions, please give us a shout at