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Bikini Ready during COVID: 4 Tips for a Smooth Shave at Home

Before we dive in, leaving your hair au natural is perfectly ok too! Whether you are into a Brazilian, landing strip, trimmed edges, or a full, natural bush, these tips can help with avoiding skin irritation of all kinds.

So your waxer is closed (or you are just not comfortable going in right now - thanks a lot 'Rona!) and you are ready to take matters into your own hands now that summer is here. Before you start hacking away (sorry, that's a lovely visual, I know), take 5 minutes to read the few tips below to prevent and relieve bikini bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation.  (PS. some of these are straight from the experts: adult film stars!) 

Why do bumps and ingrown hairs happen?

It all boils down to dead skin cells. (ew)

Think about it: you are taking a razor to highly sensitive skin in an area that doesn't get a lot of open air, so those accumulated dead skin cells get scraped into the razor and then pushed into follicles where they cause the hair to grow sideways or back inward, resulting in an ingrown hair. 

So first of all, you have to remove those damn dead skin cells - this is Step 1.

Step 1. Exfoliate and Prep:

Before you even reach for the razor, prep your skin by exfoliating.
There are a few ways you can exfoliate but my personal favorite is the one-two punch of a gentle acid plus manual exfoliation (aka with granules like those in a sugar or salt scrub. 

1. For the acid exfoliation, you can use a gentle lactic acid cleanser or mask. I like to use the acids that naturally occur in pineapple - seriously make it a spa day with fresh pineapple for your V and for your pina colada! (I actually have created a body mask with pineapple extract that will be coming soon!)

2. For the manual exfoliation, I use our SCOUT scrub as it uses brown sugar, shea, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil for deep hydration. 

Now that the dead skin cells are gone, it's time to make sure the hair is nice and soft, making it easier for your razor to get rid of it! 

Step 2: Hydrate Skin and Soften Hair: 

Know how you want soft hair on your head? Well, you also want soft hair "down there" and can use the same method to get it: conditioner. 

PS. If you have used SCOUT scrub or another scrub that includes hydrating body butters, you have already hydrated your skin and softened your hair, so you have a leg up (heh heh "leg up"). 

Either way, slap some hair conditioner where you plan to shave.

(Sidenote: you may want to pick up some cheap stuff if you don't want to use your special color-treated, purple, salon stuff)

So you are riding the conditioner train, but here's the kicker - put it on at the beginning of your shower. Then, while you wash your hair or other bath tasks, the conditioner gets some time to sink in and can also take advantage of the warm, steamy air to help penetrate the coarse hair. No need to rinse it off as it's finally time to pick up that razor...

Step 3: Get Shaving:

It's finally time to shave. Save it for the final step of your shower. You can add more conditioner or if you prefer a rich shave cream, that works as well. 

As you shave, make sure to shave WITH the grain of the hair, not against it, and use short strokes, rinsing the razor well between each. If you are not able to get all the hairs, you can move to a very slight angle but never, EVER go against the grain. 

Also, for chrissakes, use a decent razor and replace yours in a timely fashion. You can buy the cheapies or use men's (a big favorite of adult film stars that were polled). 

Once finished, pat the area dry and it's on to Step 4.

Step 4: Bikini Line Aftercare:

No, you are not done when the shaving part is over. Now you need to soothe the area you just scraped with sharp blades...think about it. There are a few ways to soothe your tender skin and we have tested and created a perfect solution: WAVE RIDER. 

After a year of trying out different formulas, WAVE RIDER is ready to smooth and soothe post-shave. So what's in WAVE RIDER and how does it work? 

Tamanu oil:
Tamanu has been used for centuries in Polynesia to heal cuts, scrapes, psoriasis and eczema as well as reduce irritation and the appearance of scars. Basically, it's a powerhouse of healing. It's also naturally a deep green color which is why WAVE RIDER is blue-green. 

Virgin coconut oil:

Coconut oil is an antibacterial, meaning any bacteria that could sneak in freshly shorn follicles and wreak havoc is it smells good. 

Helichrysum Flower:

Helichrysum Immortelle is a rare flower oil that has shown to help heal wounds and also possesses antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties

Blue Tansy:

Blue tansy is chamomile's badass big sister that can calm skin and reduce redness (bye red bumps!) - this adds the blue tinge to WAVE RIDER


Cannabidiol calms, reduces inflammation and relieves pain and irritation. That ingrown that you keep bumping on your bike has met its match. WE put in 100mg per ounce...that's pretty potent but not enough to make your lady bits totally numb.

Tea Tree Oil:

This popular oil is used to treat acne as it helps reduce redness and inflammation as well as reduce the appearance of acne scars (no more bikini bumps scars!) 

Trust me, we tried other variations: some with aloe, some with witch hazel, and some with different oil blends, but this formula proved to be the best. 


So after you finish shaving, pour a dropper of WAVE RIDER into your palm and gently pat/smooth over areas shaved.

NOTE: We do not suggest putting it too close to your vagina as it could mess with the won't hurt, but using any sort of fragrance (even the natural oils we use) can mess up your natural biome and generally f*ck up the good bacteria, so just to be safe, keep it outside the labia. 

You can also use it on armpits, legs, or in areas with eczema. I use it every day on the bikini line and on a spot on my temple where I had eczema (WAVE RIDER got rid of it, seriously!) 


Another hot tip from ladies of the sexy celluloid, deodorant. No joke, deodorant is used to help keep skin from chafing, keeping those red bumps from rearing their ugly heads. We suggest waiting for WAVE RIDER to sink in and, before you get dressed, swipe a little deodorant on the line where your underwear can rub, especially if you live in yoga pants (who doesn't anymore?!)

Hope these shaving tips help keep you smooth when you can't get to the salon and check out WAVE RIDER to keep sensitive skin smooth, every day!